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Top 15 Kitchen Sinks

Tired of plain white and outdated washbasins? We have assembled the most popular and preferred sink designs of your work. We have compiled not only for their design but also for their functions.

This sink, which is one of the most beautiful models, is also used as a cover sink. This stylish sink design is in a nice harmony with wooden cabinets and granite top shelf. Stainless steel parts will suit this. You will get a fresh and clean look.

A small, separate sink outside the sink you use in your kitchen will give you a lot of work while you work here. You can wash your hands comfortably in this small sink while your main sink is filled with dishes or you are using one here.

If you love to cook with your partner as a hobby, it is quite difficult for two people to work in the kitchen at the same time. But to add a gutter to the sink can be the solution to this problem. Having a long design and several sinks can be more convenient for you. You can cook with your partner in your kitchen and you can cook with separate sinks without hitting your arms together.

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