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65 Creative Ideas to Organize and Store Your Kitchen

As adults, we have learned that the first thing we need to do is to be regular. The kitchen organization is pretty tricky because it has a lot of little things to watch out for. Cabinets and drawers begin to come from somewhere not enough, so you need to acquire new and creative solutions.

Wall Storage


With Ikea's design, Fastbo, you can turn your countertop into a storage unit. With this design you can hang up your materials. Create a space where you can store spoons, etc. and even fresh spices.



Try to store as much material as possible. You can also put in a spice rack designed for your pans and jars, take into account your spoons, etc.


You can make handkerchief pockets for your tools by sewing handkerchiefs or hand towels on the boards. These designs can be great if you want a country in your kitchen.


Feel free to use your materials for different purposes. For example, a harrow can be a great storage solution for hanging your kitchen utensils. Place it on the wall and use it as a hanger.


When all the pots and pans are stored in the cupboards, it becomes difficult to regulate and takes up a lot of space. As a more practical solution, you can try to hang them on the wall. Create a high space behind your kitchen counter and try hanging them.


You can use the pegs to hang your kitchen towels. Apply glue to one side of the wooden latches and stick them on the wall. You can use this type of design to hang your towels.

Thanks for the ideas, you did a really nice compilation.

Hello, I read your post with interest, I liked it very much, full of congratulations.

There are good ideas. Okay, it's not all, but the more you look around, the better it works.

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