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17 Wonderful Honeycomb Drape

We came back to the time when every house needed a comb. However, some people are not satisfied with these flat views of the honeycombs. Fortunately, we've found these ideas for what you can do about it.

This will be attractive for your home. Who says there's a honeycomb behind it? This is an ancient cover and shelf

This is the perfect idea for your daughter's room. It is beautifully covered with a metal screen and has shelf. It would be nice to paint it in white.

If you are looking for something sophisticated, this design is for you. Dark honeycomb cover. You can put flowers around the honeycombs to show this more vividly.

This is a simple design you can do. Try closing the combs with this shaped panel. This will also stop at the entrance of your home as beautiful as decoration.

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