Bathroom Decor

17 cleverly designed ideas of hiding clutter in the house

1- Tiltable closet

In general, they say these cabinets are ugly, but they don't have to be. You can make your cabinets complete white and your laundry room will be a nice addition.

2- Simple laundry cabinet

If you want your interior decor to be simpler, then this is exactly what you need. Made of wood and polished in some corners.

3- Woven rattan laundry basket

Another kind of idea to keep your dirty clothes. Woven and wooden furniture will always add a nice detail to your home. Likewise though with woven rattan laundry basket.

4- Laundry drawers

If you have an extra budget, you can change the drawers in your laundry room. This will also provide space for you and also remove your dirty laundry.

5- Chest of drawers

Make your closet drawers an illusion. However, your dirty laundry will not be visible from the outside of the closet and nobody will understand that it is a dirty laundry closet.

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