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12 Easy and Cleverly Prepared DIY Works for the Most Crazy Hobby Enthusiasts

Often DIY work requires a little time, imagination and dexterity. Many people are scared of doing something on their own, and they use their preferences to get their ready made. But on your own, the hobby objects you will do for yourself will not only save you money, but also make you feel better. Here are 12 DIY Projects İşte

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Choose the wrong key selection among the key crowd! Use different colors of nail polish to paint your keys, so you can easily separate your keys. Keep in mind that which color belongs to which door you need to do. You can even put a letter or sign on your keys. You see, it's like a piece of cake! Our creative followers can also decorate their keys with various patterns and shapes if they wish.

Use the vase-as-you-bulbs

After reading these lines, you don't throw bulbs in the trash and keep them in a corner. Because it's only a matter of time before you use your exploded bulbs as a very decorative object. The materials you need to do this are as follows: an exploded old bulb, a pliers, a nail care kit and a hammer. Using these materials you can create quite beautiful vases. Break the black part under the bulb with the help of the nail care kit and hammer. Detach the bulb from the bulb and the small strip of gray. Do not forget to throw broken pieces of glass into the trash. Break the other glass in the bulb using a nail care kit and a hammer. Any roughness around the bulb, again using the maintenance set to destroy. Remove the wrap inside the bulb with the help of the hooker. Shake your bulb a few cuts so that there are no glass pieces inside. And your vase is ready. You can hang the bulb on the wall with two holes and the wire that will pass through the bottom of your bulb.


The only thing you need to create a jar with this fantastic look is a few empty jars, phosphorescent glue and sim. The process is quite easy. Open the jar to allow the adhesive to be dispensed into the jar and pour in the sim. Place a small LED under the jar and close the jar. Your jar is indispensable for romantic evenings, which gives the feeling that fireflies are moving around.


It will almost rot under your desk or base! Your old magazines and books can actually be used for a more creative purpose than you might think. Using such books and magazines you can create a very creative stool. The book and the magazine, as well as a cushion and two pieces of belt you need. Place magazines or books on top of each other and place the pillow on top. Secure this structure by tightening the belt from two sides. Here's your stool! NOTE: Be careful not to do so with religious books.

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